Announcing the PUBLICAE Gitcoin Developer Bounty Program!

Get Politicoin to develop critical code for PUBLICAE services!

Hello PUBLICAE community!
Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our first Gitcoin developer bounty program!

This initial Gitcoin bounty endeavor focuses on constructing necessary building blocks for the production necessary PBLC Wallet app features. This will contribute to PUBLICAE´s open source codebase.

Gitcoin Bounty Guidelines

Bounty entries must have well-documented code that any code creator will quickly be able to follow and check.

Such advantages will become part of our educational tools and will be used as models, motivation and starting points for potential new developers that will join the PUBLICAE dev team.

Before beginning, kindly go through the application phase — we will evaluate pre-submission materials and eventually pick just one candidate for each bounty at a time.

Current Bounties

In this batch, we’re funding work on these particular application tasks:

Click links to see in more detail inside the respective feature/issue.

Check out the issues, and if one of these is interesting to you, follow the instructions to complete a pre-submission application, and you will hear from our team shortly!

Funding for each bounty varies based on complexity — from 1000–10,000 PBLCs in this round. We’ll be managing these bounties with Gitcoin.

The remaining bounties can be viewed using the links above for now, but we will update this Medium post as they are successfully added to Gitcoin.

If you have questions or comments about these bounties, please post on our Discord profile!
Our team will respond as quickly as they’re able and help you get started building with PUBLICAE.

Let’s CHANGE THE WORLD one line at a time!