We have prepared a Politicoin Trading Competition just for you where a total of 250,000 PBLC tokens will be distributed monthly to our Top Traders!

Cryptocurrencies are regarded as the most ideal investment asset in the 21st century. As there are many projects and options, the sector tends to be extremely competitive. In that regard, many crypto projects and exchanges create reward systems via competitions, in order to create an incentive for users to utilize their platforms and raise brand awareness.

PUBLICAE seeks to create a vibrant community that is regularly rewarded for being active. To achieve that, the Trading competitions will run to end of 2020 where traders can be potentially rewarded with the Politicoin cryptocurrency.

Trading Contest Period

The Trading Contest will run for each month from 01st August 20:00 UTC+2 and ends on 21st August 20:00 UTC+2

Trading Contest Details

Users will be ranked in terms of either their total trading volume or their number of trades on their Resfinex Account (including both buys and sells) on PBLC/ETH , PBLC/USDT , PBLC/BTC pair during the contest period.

In the event more than 1 trader qualifies for the same ranking, they will be randomly picked using a computer-generated system. Traders not picked will be pushed one ranking down on the Leaderboard.

All winners will be chosen strictly based on the ranking shown on the Leaderboard.

PBLC Competition Prizes

Trading Volume

100,000 PBLC Tokens
For the highest volume of trades

50,000 PBLC Tokens
For the 2nd highest volume of trades

25,000 PBLC Tokens
For the 3rd highest volume of trades

1,000 PBLC Tokens
For next top 75 highest volume of trades

Participation Rules

Your Resfinex account must be Verified.
The minimum amount of tokens to be purchased per trade must be of minimum 5000 PBLC Tokens & a minimum of 1 trade (Buy/Sell) is MANDATORY!

Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the competition has ended.

Prizes will be distributed 1 week after the announcement of winners.

Management’s decision is final and absolute.

Note: The leaderboard will be showing the ranking and winners of the competition.

For example, if you’re the 1st highest trader in terms of number, and 1st highest in terms of volume, then you’ll get a prize for the “volume of the trade.”

Trading Competition Leaderboard

Get updated with the results of the Trading Contest!


Register: https://trade.resfinex.com?ref=2c7bb411c6

Promo site: https://publicae.org/pblc-trade