Publicae Atomic Swap Exchange Update

Last year, was great for PUBLICAE; it was new and trying to establish its presence within the crypto sphere where some Crypto giants had already taken up a lot of space. However, Politicoin was able to put up a good fight and prove its worth with a stable price of approx. 0.025 USD per PBLC.

Not only has it become quite clear that PBLC is a rather necessary coin in today´s divided political climate, but also that the PUBLICAE.EXCHANGE is on its way to becoming a key player in the crypto financial industry.

We can expect 2021 to be even more exciting with new utility projects and instruments coming up from the PUBLICAE Team. What do you think is next for PUBLICAE?

  • What’s new with PULICAE and its politicoin?

The essence of this article is to highlight some of the impressive strides taken by the PUBLICAE Atomic Swap Instant non-custodial Exchange and the ERC20 token Politicoin.

  1. Today, PUBLICAE has listed over 50 tokens including many yield farming and DeFi tokens.
  2. The PUBLICAE exchange on the other hand is constantly being updated and developed further. Currently, PUBLICAE are working on enabling their upcoming social-geolocation mainet mobile platform to integrate the Atomic Swap features.
  3. The exchange now supports 1,420 digital wallets
  4. It has managed 7890+ Atomic Swaps
  • The politicoin and PUBLICAE intro is an exchange service that supports an ever-growing number of digital assets, Blockchains, and offers a self-sovereign PBLC Wallet that enables individuals to buy, sell, and even hold to their tokens and coins.

The Politicoin on the other hand is the utility token for the PUBLICAE platform available on the Atomic Swap Exchange.

  • More about the Exchange

The PUBLICAE is an instant non-custodial peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Atomic Swap market that protects the privacy and promotes values of decentralization.

Some of their services include:

  1. High level of privacy – nun-custodial deposits are only made on the user’s wallets
  2. Fixed rates – there are no last-minute changes to transaction fees and rates
  3. Fast exchange – transactions are completed within minutes
  4. Customer support – PUBLICAE offers 24/7 customer support
  5. Crypto pairs – they offer crypto coins with high liquidity with a growing variety of cryptocurrencies