How long you have been in the crypto industry, determines how well you are able to exhibit an ability for observing the trends that come and go. One trend, that has in particularly stood the test of time, is that the most successful coins, have started as what most people would call a fluke. Many coins lacked the funds, timing or experience at the onset, but have had the highest gains to date.

  • A new and exciting opportunity for appraisal

As you already know, PUBLICAE is dedicated to achieving decentralization and will not leave any stones unturned. We will partner with fellow visionaries to win this war between centralized and decentralized politics. Whatever it takes, we are right there at the forefront, always have been and we will remain steadfast.

SHIBA INU token, plans to change the lives of millions of people, and we are here for it, embracing it with love and the dedication it deserves. That is why, our CEO, Ciprian Pater together with his Team have purchased in excess of 150+ billion SHIBA INU tokens and growing. The PUBLICAE app set to launch in Q3, will support and integrate SHIBA SWAP on the ERC1155 together with Politicoin (PBLC) pair and with NFT support for ERC721. Our current Atomic Swap on – Publicae.Exchange will remain in function wholly separate of our app. The app will be launched as MVP with social geolocation features while we await for the #ShibSwap and their APIs release.

If you are a crypto enthusiast, that craves financial freedom, great things are coming your way. All over Facebook, people are excited to pay thousands upon thousands for the SHIBA INU token puppies. You’re probably wondering what SHIBA INU is, and don’t worry; we’ll get there in a moment.

The SHIBA INU token or simply (SHIB) is a radical social experiment in decentralized community building and governance. You may call it a meme coin as well, but you will soon realize, that it is so much more than that. They believe; that through the power of collective decentralization, we together, the people of the world, regardless of race or gender, can build something stronger together, more powerful than a centralized team could ever build without falling into the trap of greed and egocentric behaviors. Their goal is to earn a seat at the table of human affairs and power plays. Thus, they intend to create tens of thousands of nee dollar billionaires in the world. The former 2000+ centuries old strong elites, should realize what is beckoning upon us in 2021.

Currently, $SHIB has over 10,000 members on its Telegram community and millions of dollars in trading volume on Uniswap and listed already on Coin Gecko, CMC, among many other crypto platforms. They intend to harness their collective will power, to make their meme coin, the entry point for millions of people into decentralization and the crypto industry. Such people, will be freed from money printing inflation or interest rate spikes and any other meddling by centralized authority banks or shady CEX figures.

They have worked very hard, to harness their mascot’s meme power, with the collective efforts of their community, to achieve their acceptance into the mainstream as a currency of “True Justified Belief” with real objective value in the world. This is because; they knew their worth from the very beginning and the value it would come to have in the world. They do not seek anyone’s permission or approval; they thrive on their own terms. If that is not independence, I don’t know what is.

Based on its trajectory and community support on Twitter and Telegram, people speculate that SHIBA INU, will be the most fabulous Etherum meme coin of all time.

What makes $SHIB different?

  1. True decentralization

Its team and even admins are all volunteers, and they have had to buy the tokens just like everybody else. Several cryptocurrencies claim to be decentralized but are still guided by invisible hands that control the community drive on their platforms. SHIBA gives absolute power, ownership and control to coin owners. Can anyone realize that? Not only can anyone rid themselves of poverty and hardship through a tiny affordable investment, but they can gain power in the very same system that helps them achieve such resolutions, this is genuine welfare for all humans, Power to the People!

  • It holds great potentials.

Not only is it fun to be a part of the SHIBA movement, but it can make you money. Like Dogecoin, it holds massive potential, and there is no telling what it could turn into. It is immune to a rug-pull since it is purely a community coin.

Where to buy the Coin

Luckily for you, SHIBA just got listed on Hot-bit and is getting listed on more platforms soon. Before that, you had to buy it on Uniswap, which is not very user-friendly and hindered the coin’s growth. However, now that the coin is available on Hot-bit, we should expect its price to skyrocket.

Other top exchanges that are currently trading in SHIBA INU are:

  • Uniswap (The current most active market)
  • 1inch exchange
  • 0x protocol

PUBLICAE used to buy, Metamask to store it, and Zerion mobile app to track it.

Why PUBLICAE donates Shiba Inu to DAOstack? is #donating 1 #Billion #ShibaInu tokens to #DAOstack as a show of appreciation for all the work they do that enables and supports such decentralized projects like Shiba Inu Token. In today´s world, the ideals of #Decentralization, are slowly being lost to the powers of greed and affluence. Our intention by this act, is to showcase, to the #ShibArmy, that financial personal gains have zero value for the world, if one does not contribute to the larger cause of Decentralization efforts underway be many other groups. hereby; also shows gratitude, for @Ryoshiresearch from, for his virtuous duty of willingness, to walk down the Decentralized path of everlasting Utilitarian #ShibaGlory.

«Historically, when there has been a need to coordinate large groups of people and point them toward collective action, humans have relied on systems of top-down hierarchy, as in corporations, governments, and militaries. It’s fairly easy to point the ship when you have only one captain, or a small team of navigators. One major problem with top-down hierarchies is that they contain concentrated points of failure, since individuals are subject to bias and have limited bandwidth. The interests of the powerful few are often misaligned with those of the less powerful many, leaving the decision-makers frequently incentivized to act against the common good. Hierarchies also create information bottlenecks: leaders, even if they are benevolent, can’t always keep up with all the needs of their much more numerous community members. An exciting alternative has arisen in the form of a movement toward decentralization, in which networks of peers self-organize to act collectively without such concentrated power centers. DAOs are a part of this movement. In a DAO, a network of peers encodes its protocols for decision-making into secure, decentralized software (in our case, smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain). This software becomes the arbiter that tallies votes and carries out the will of the people. It’s a popular concept because it promises to “eliminate the middleman” — and the boss, for that matter — as well as to circumvent centralized funding mechanisms like venture capital in favor of crowdfunding. Imagine thousands of people working together to solve major world problems, with rewards distributed according to value contributed, and decisions being made through the wisdom of the crowd.» Read more on: DAOstack

PUBLICAE will announce the Etherscan transaction once donation is processed, contact with Mr. Eric Arsenault at is achieved for the purpose of swift transaction to be made.


People have missed out on great opportunities in the past and blamed it on ignorance. What will your excuse be? Big things are coming for this token, anyone know if @Ryoshiresearch likes NFTs?

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