PUBLICAE listing on Saturn Network

PUBLICAE is excited about the listing of their token on a unique decentralized platform that stands for true financial freedom, equality, and decentralization.

People have continued to argue that contrary to popular belief, Blockchain does not eliminate centralization but it enforces it. They argue that Blockchain activities are controlled by the company executives, centralized exchange owners, miners and the large community of cryptocurrency coders. Also, scams and hacks are quite common in the crypto sphere raising doubt and fear in the minds of early adopters of new services and products.

These are all things that PUBLICAE acknowledges. However, PUBLICAE seeks to use this same technology for the good of everybody. Not only do you get to be a more informed voter among an empowered electorate in your country, but also you get a reward for your participation in the electoral process. Talk about giving power back to the people and doing away with greedy individuals, politicians and corporations.

About Saturn Network

Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens. All trading takes place on-chain wallet to wallet in a single transaction which is the safest to trade your coins since you never give up full control of your funds. They are currently one of the few decentralized exchanges that are operating a multi-chain platform. They are also very dedicated to scaling onto more Blockchain in the future. They are more trustworthy than most decentralized exchanges out there.

Their platform is built with shared ownership in mind, it is open to all and governed by Saturn Decentralized Autonomous Organization members. They don’t have a CEO or a centralized board of directors that are only looking out for themselves and not the welfare of the world community at large. PUBLICAE will continue to engage with communities that can contribute to upholding and sharing our values and principles and hereby welcome the Politicoin supporters to trade PBLC on Saturn Network starting 22.06.2020.

Products and Services of SATURN NETWORK

Crypto exchange services.

An algorithmic trading bot that automates your trading activities.

A safe crypto wallet.

A HOLD decentralized application that helps you to store your tokens safely with bonus plans.

Mining tools and rewards.

Price watching robot.

An Airdrop tool for managing and automating token/coin airdrops to thousands of wallets powered by a smart contract.

Smart contract auditing.

Custom token development.

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