PUBLICAE Outstanding features and Crowdfunding

If you haven’t heard about PUBLICAE yet, you have some catching up to do. It is going to be the next big thing on the paper, on TV, and in every conversation. PUBLICAE is an Ethereum based political coin that is going to completely revolutionize the political communication sphere. It uses ledger technology and ERC-20 reward voter. PBLC token transfers value from politicians to supporters. It is tamper-proof, trustworthy, cheap, saves time, educates voters, and ensures accountability. We are currently developing our Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


PUBLICAE is conducting its Crowdfunding Campaign on INDIEGOGO which is a platform dedicated to uniting people globally to bring great ideas to life. It enables backers and entrepreneurs to invest in clever innovations.

Encrypted Messaging Features

All private messages sent in PUBLICAE are encrypted end-to-end by default using a cryptographic key pair. The messaging software is completely free from third party control thanks to the secure P2P messaging protocol. It is also censorship-resistant and no content is under surveillance to maximize social, political, and economic freedoms.

It upholds human rights, enables the free flow of information, ensures private secure conversation, and promotes the sovereignty of individuals. It contains a private messenger through which you can send private texts, join group chats, send public texts, and even send and receive crypto payments directly in your private chats. You are safe and free from tracking and data collection hence you get to browse, communicate, and transact on your terms.

User-to-User Wallet

It has its in-built decentralized crypto wallet called the PBLC wallet which is secure and hacker-proof. It is available for both iOS and Android apps and you can log in using Facebook, Google, and Apple. Thus enabling you to send and receive Ethereum, buy, sell, and send PBLC tokens.

The Integrated Ethereum wallet completely safe since it eliminates intermediaries and gives you full control of your funds. Also, you are the only one who holds your private key which prevents hacks and thefts.


Politicians get to reward anyone that watches any political advertisement monetized by the PBLC token. The user can then either convert these tokens to fiat currency or donate it to their favorite organization. The advertisements will show in your inbox alongside Geofence and other demographic settings for publishers

Decentralized DApp structure

Through the integration of the wallet and the messenger, you can interact with Decentralized applications (DApps). You can browse the latest decentralized exchanges, marketplaces, games, social networks, and more.

The PUBLICAE software has been created by developers and crypto enthusiasts and anyone can modify, share, and benefit from it and the DApps as well. They also maximize the number of individuals that can control the system.